Filtering emails from GitLab in Gmail

Posted by Adrian Moisey on January 25, 2019

Filtering emails from GitLab in Gmail

I use GitLab for a few different groups. My employer stores their code there, I’m involved with random open source projects and the Cape Town DevOps Meetup Group uses GitLab to organise meetups.

Up until recently, I’ve found that I struggled to filter my incoming emails correctly. Between GitLab and Gmail, I had no way to filter out each organisation into different labels. Sometimes this meant that certain issues I missed some emails, particularly from issues that weren’t very busy.

I’m happy to say that a recent community contribution to GitLab has solved this issue for me! GitLab 11.7 adds the List-Id header to emails sent to you, allowing you to filter on group or project.

In Gmail, you can simply search for list:<organisation> (eg. list:list:gitlab-org), and create your filter from that. My preferred configuration is to create a label per organisation that I follow and filter all those emails accordingly.